Friday, 16 January 2015

Podcast Revival and 15 Minutes of Fame

Life happened. I got a job. Then I didn't have the job anymore. Repeat. It's been a bit ruthless, to be honest. Working full time was not conducive to worrying about the climate. In fact, working full time is actually a pretty sure fire way to not care about anything other than getting to work on time and leaving in time to pick up children and ignore them while you buy and make food so they don't starve. Then you put them to bed. So I had a climate break.

I've actually not had what I'd call a climate anxiety attack for at least, what, two years? It's been nice. I'm back in the climate groove again, and it's even better than ever, without the cutting edge of mortality up against my throat every time I read a climate related article. But then again, I haven't been spurred to write blog posts or do podcasts, opting for a more quiet existence. Again, it's been nice, but it's over.

I'm, ironically, much happier when I'm working with climate. Talking to people, teaching kids about sustainability for a Danish climate think tank, being an activist when I have the energy for it. It's remarkable how much more energy I have when I do these things, how much easier it is to get out of bed in the morning. Find that, and you're ok. Make money off it, you're set. Almost there, but it's good enough to wait for.

 So I podcasted! And I decided to share the mic with a friend of mine who is also a climate worrier. He's got a shop in central Copenhagen and he's always super easy and fun to talk with, and it's extremely enriching to have a network of like-minded folks like him to chew the climate fat with. I hope it's as enjoyable for the listener as it was for us.
Also! One of my newest friends wrote this piece featuring me and another climate role model, Glenn Albrecht. That was it. My 15 minutes of fame. It was great. I'll be back sooner that you can say anthropogenic global warming with the next podcast, featuring a glaciologist I met here in Copenhagen. See you soon!